Julie Harris (Ph.D., History of Art, University of Pittsburgh, 1989). A specialist in medieval Spain, she has taught at Florida State University, Skidmore College, and Northwestern University (1991-2003). She has published on variety of medieval topics in scholarly journals; her work on Reconquest booty was funded by a Getty post-doctoral fellowship. Her current research focuses on the relationship of women to the Iberian Haggadot, particularly BL Or 2737.

Selected Publications

  • Co-edited with Therese Martin, Church, State, Vellum, and  Stone: Essays on Medieval Spain in Honor of John Williams, The Medieval and Early Modern Iberian World. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2005.
  • “Good Jews, Bad Jews, and No Jews at All – Ritual Imagery and Social Standards in the Catalan Haggadot.” In Church, State, Vellum, and Stone: Essays on Medieval Spain in Honor of John Williams, pp. 275-296.
  • “Polemical Images in the Golden Haggadah, BL, Add. MS 27210.” Medieval Encounters 8 (2002): pp. 105-122.
  • “Mosque to Church Conversions in the Spanish Reconquest.” Medieval Encounters 3 (1997): pp. 158-172.
  • “Muslim Ivories in Christian Hands: The Leire Casket in Context.” Art History 18 (1995): pp. 213-221.
  • “Redating the Arca Santa of Oviedo.” The Art Bulletin 77 (1995): pp. 83-93.