Final Workshop

On 23-25 February 2015, team members and outside experts came together in Madrid to present, critique, and debate the work that will be published as a special issue of Journal of Medieval History (March 2016). We began with a hands-on session at the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, where we were welcomed by the director, Sofía Rodríguez (left).

Ana Cabrera presented some of the most significant aspects of the museum's textile collection.

Following the presentation, we dug in with a study session on various Christian and Islamic objects selected from the MNAD's medieval holdings.

The rest of the workshop was spent at the Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas with presentations and discussions of our research as it has developed over the course of the project.

The workshop ended with a convivial paella dinner at La Barraca in Madrid. Thanks to all for your input and efforts!

The team members and outside experts included:

Glaire Anderson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill                                

Delia Cortese, Middlesex University                                                                                

Amanda Dotseth, PhD candidate, Courtauld Institute of Art/CSIC                                 

Julio Escalona, Instituto de Historia, CSIC                                                           

Alexandra Gajewski, Instituto de Historia, CSIC                                                  

Lindy Grant, University of Reading                                                                      

Fiona Griffiths, Stanford University                                                                                 

José Antonio Haro Peralta, PhD candidate, Universidad de Salamanca/CSIC       

Julie Harris, Spertus Institute for Jewish Studies, Chicago                                   

Ruth Mazo Karras, University of Minnesota

Therese Martin, Instituto de Historia, CSIC                                                                     

Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh, University of Sheffield                                                        

Stephen Perkinson, Bowdoin College

Ana Rodríguez, Instituto de Historia, CSIC                                                          

Shelley Roff, University of Texas, San Antonio

Eva Schlotheuber, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf                                  

Stefanie Seeberg, Instituto de Historia, CSIC/Universität zu Köln

Shannon Wearing, PhD, IFA, New York University



  • Memory as Clout:
    By, For, and About Medieval Women  (International symposium, 15 November 2013, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, CSIC, Madrid)

This symposium takes on the topic of memory as an instrument of power. Women's roles in memoria and commemoration have been well studied by scholars of the Middle Ages; indeed, they are a central theme in the historiography of medieval women. To date, however, memory has almost always been framed in terms of religion and piety. Here, the papers presented tease out the various functions of remembrance, adding a new layer to traditional concerns with family and spirituality. They analyze the multiple ways in which memory in the Middle Ages could be wielded to enhance a woman’s power. Employing evidence drawn from both written and visual sources, the participants in this symposium open new perspectives on the significance of memory, recognizing its multiple contributions to medieval women’s clout.

Organizers: Therese Martin and Ana Rodríguez (CCHS-CSIC)

Keynote Speaker: Elisabeth van Houts (Cambridge University)

Alexandra Gajewski (CCHS-CSIC)
Fiona Griffiths (New York University)
Amancio Isla (Universidad Rovira i Virgili-Tarragona)
Carlos Laliena (Universidad de Zaragoza)
Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh (University of Sheffield)
Lucy Pick (University of Chicago)
D. Fairchild Ruggles (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Stefanie Seeberg (CCHS-CSIC)

Sponsored by Reassessing the Roles of Women as ‘Makers’ of Medieval Art and Architecture (ERC Starting Grant no. 263036), Power and Institutions in Medieval Islam and Christendom (PIMIC, Marie Curie-ITN no. 316732), Instituto de Historia (CCHS-CSIC), and Social and Cultural History of the Mediterranean: An Interdisciplinary Program (, CCHS-CSIC).

Alexandra Gajewski (center) and Stefanie Seeberg (right) answer questions following their presentations at "Memory as Clout" while Ana Rodríguez (left) moderates. 


Team Research Trips

Ávila, September 2014

Alexandra Gajewski and Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh discussing the magnificent Romanesque cenotaph of Saints Vicente, Sabina and Cristeta in the church of San Vicente, Ávila.


Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh, Alexandra Gajewski, and Amanda Dotseth at the south portal of San Vicente, Ávila.


Therese Martin, Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh, Alexandra Gajewski, and José Haro on the medieval walls of Ávila.


Palencia, November 2013

Alexandra Gajewski, Amanda Dotseth, Therese Martin, José Haro, and Stefanie Seeberg in front of one of the two 11th-century Islamic silks at San Zoilo in Carrión de los Condes.

Catalonia, September 2013

The team in the cloister of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll: Amanda Dotseth, Therese Martin, Alexandra Gajewski, Stefanie Seeberg, and José Haro.

Alexandra and Stefanie examine the c. 1100 Creation Embroidery up close at Girona Cathedral.

Amanda and José taking a break in the chapterhouse at the Monastery of Santa Maria de Vallbona de les Monges.

Burgos area, June 2013

At Covarrubias, Amanda Dotseth, José Haro, Stefanie Seeberg, and Alexandra Gajewski.


Stefanie Seeberg in the cloister of Burgos Cathedral.


José Haro in the cloister of Burgos Cathedral.


At the Monastery of Las Huelgas, Amanda Dotseth, Alexandra Gajewski, Stefanie Seeberg, and José Haro.


Madrid (Instituto Valencia de Don Juan), Third Annual Full Team Meeting, March 2013

Cristina Partearroyo, Textiles Curator at the Instituto Valencia de Don Juan, introduces the team to the excellent collection of medieval textiles.


León (Monasteries of San Isidoro, Eslonza, Escalada, Gradefes), June 2012

At the female Cistercian monastery of Gradefes, from left: Amanda Dotseth, Flora Ward, Therese Martin, Stefanie Seeberg, Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh, Alexandra Gajewski.


The CSIC's 4x4, ably driven through busy city streets and tiny vllages by Amanda Dotseth (third from left). Passengers: Therese Martin, Stefanie Seeberg, Flora Ward, Alexandra Gajewski, José Haro.


Segovia (Churches of Santos Justo y Pastor, San Millán, La Vera Cruz), September 2011

At la Vera Cruz. From left: José Haro, Amanda Dotseth, Flora Ward, Alexandra Gajewski, Therese Martin, Stefanie Seeberg, Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh.


Sponsored Seminars Held at the CSIC, Madrid

Kathryn A. Smith

New York University

“Crafting the Old Testament in the Queen Mary Psalter: Image, Text, and Contexts in Early 14th-c. England”

5 November 2015


Amanda W. Dotseth

PhD Candidate, Courtauld Institute of Art/Pre-doctoral Fellow, Instituto de Historia, CSIC-Madrid 

 "Shifting Perspective: Regionalism and Romanesque Historiography in the Case of San Quirce de Burgos"

24 June 2014

 Poster in PDF


Manuel Castiñeiras 

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

"Embroidering for the Temple: The Challenge of the Creation Tapestry"

27 February 2014

Poster in PDF


Cathleen A. Fleck

Assistant Professor, Art History
Saint Louis University

Hard Times in Medieval Cairo: The Support of a Mamluk Sultan's Monument

10 September 2013

Poster in PDF


Janet T. Marquardt

Professor of Art History and Women’s Studies

Director, Humanities Center, Eastern Illinois University

“Making Medieval Modern: Françoise Henry and the Zodiaque Art Book Series”

19 June 2013

Poster in PDF


Susanne Wittekind, Professor, Medieval Art History, Universität zu Köln
"Queen Sancha of Aragón and her Monastery Santa María de Sigena: The Creation of a Royal Residence, Treasury, Archive, and Burial Place"
8 March 2013

Susanne Wittekind presenting her seminar at the CCHS.

Shelley Roff, Associate Professor, History of Architecture, University of Texas, San Antonio
"Working for Wages: Gender and Social Class on the Medieval Construction Site"
8 March 2013

Concluding the Third Annual Team Meeting: dinner at the Asador de Aranda in Madrid following Susanne Wittekind's and Shelley Roff's seminars. From left to right: Antonio Ledesma, José Haro, Stefanie Seeberg, Amanda Dotseth, Therese Martin, Shelley Roff, Susanne Wittekind, Alexandra Gajewski, Julie Harris, and Glaire Anderson.

David Nirenberg, Director, Neubauer Family Collegium for Culture and Society,
Deborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta Professor, The University of Chicago

Confusing Categories: The 'Jewishness' of Christian Art
5 September 2012
Poster in PDF

Dining at El Ñeru, Madrid. From left: Alexandra Gajewski, Flora Ward, Amanda Dotseth, Therese Martin, Stefanie Seeberg, David Nirenberg, José Haro.


Simon MacLean, Reader, School of History, University of St Andrews
Gerberga me fecit: A Political Context for the Ottonian “War Banner” (c. 960)
4 June 2012
Poster in PDF

Jeffrey A. Bowman, Professor of History, Kenyon College
Record-Keeping and Story-Telling:  How to Remember (or Forget) a Countess
2 March 2012

Poster in PDF

Kenneth Baxter Wolf, John Sutton Miner Professor of Medieval History, Pomona College
La ‘contrahistoria’ y las vidas más antiguas de Mahoma en España
22 June 2011
Poster in PDF

Pamela Patton, Associate Professor, Art History, Southern Methodist University
Jews, Muslims, and the Re-Imagination of the Other in Reconquest Spain
10 March 2011
Poster in PDF

Jaroslav Folda, N. Ferebee Taylor Professor, History of Art, Emeritus, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Crusader Holy Places and Christian Multiculturalism in the Levant
11 October 2010
Poster in PDF