Caridad Hernández


Caridad Hernández

Departamento de Didáctica de las Ciencias Sociales

Facultad de Educación

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

c/ Rector Royo Vilanova s/n, despacho 1007 28037 Madrid, España 


I studied to become a teacher at the Department of Education of Salamanca University and afterwards Philosophy and Humanities at the Complutense University of Madrid, where I specialized in American Anthropology and obtained my PhD. I took my first step as an anthropologist into the field of Urban Anthropology where I conducted the research for my Master Thesis first and my PhD afterwards. My PhD thesis focused on the study of a small city in Spain where local fiestas were a relevant issue. After my PhD was completed, I was granted with a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Spanish Research Council (CSIC) where I met Margarita del Olmo. We started collaborating ever since.

Once I finished my postdoctoral research I was appointed as a professor at the Department of Social Sciences Didactics, School of Education and Teacher Training Center at the Complutense University of Madrid. The focus of my work moved there from the field of Urban Anthropology to that of Education, Teacher Training and Social Sciences Teaching. Several years ago I became a member of the INTER Group (<>, and part of the research team INTER at the CSIC. My publications and my research lines are both linked to the fields of Anthropology and the Teaching of Social Sciences. Lately my interests have been focused on Intercultural Education and Teacher Training, Teaching of Social Sciences in multicultural contexts, Racism and Education, and Integration of migrant students into the Spanish school system.

Some of my recent publications are:

- With the INTER Group:

  • Racism: What It Is and How to Deal With It. A Guide to Talk about Racism
  • Racism: A Teenagers' Perspective. Results of Preliminary Research from Madrid (Spain).
  • Culture is Our Focus, Diversity is Our Normality. Inter Guide to Implement Intercultural Education


- With Margarita del Olmo: Antropología en el aula.

  • Una propuesta didáctica para una sociedad multicultural [Anthropology in Classroom. A Proposal for a Multicultural Society]

- As unique author:

  • La perspectiva antropológica de la Diversidad Cultural en Educación [Diversity in Education from an anthropological Perspective]
  • The Anthropological Perspective on Cultural Diversity in Education
  • Racismo y educación para la ciudadanía: una relación necesaria de abordar [Racism and Citizenship Education. A Necessary Relationship to Be Addressed]
  • Reflexiones sobre el significado de integración [Reflections on the Meaning of Integration]
  • Antropología y educación: los retos de una investigación sobre racismo e integración en el sistema educativo [Anthropology and Education: Challenges to Researching Racism and Integration in the School System]
  • La metodología etnográfica. Reflexiones y discusiones a partir de un curso para docentes [Ethnography as a Method. Reflections and Discussions from a Teacher Training Course]
  • La negociación del trabajo de campo [Negotiating Fieldwork]


Mi work in this Project will be carried out closely linked with our colleagues at the schools of the FUHEM, developing educational materials, tools and strategies to help migrant and transnational children to overcome the gap between their own backgrounds and what is required by the curriculum of the school system in the Community of Madrid in fields such as Geography, History or Literature. The goal is to place them on the same level of their native classmates and enjoy equal opportunities.