Carmen Osuna Nevado



Carmen Osuna Nevado

Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, CSIC.

c/ Albasanz 26-28 (despacho 1F-9)

28037 Madrid, España.


I was born in Madrid and studied History at the Complutense University. During my studies, I discovered my passion for America and also Anthropology, which is why I graduated with a double specialization: History of America and Anthropology of America. Following a Master’s degree in American Studies, I decided to spend two years in Bolivia, working on different projects to support Indigenous Nations in the frame of a Program called “Development and Identity”.

Back in Madrid I started working with Margarita del Olmo and also as a member of the INTER Group in topics which have to do with the fields of racism and Intercultural Education. I would like to point out my work in three different but nonetheless interlinked publications: Racism: What is it and How to Deal With It, published by Pearson in 2007; a chapter I wrote after a fieldwork in a High School: “La diversidad negada. Factores de inclusión o exclusión en un aula de bachillerato” in La integración escolar a debate, coordinated by my colleagues Fernández Montes y Waltraud Müllauer-Seichter (Pearson, 2009); and finally a recently publish chapter titled: ““Los demonios se olvidaron de mí. De racismo y experiencias en el proceso de cambio constitucional en Bolivia” in the book Interucltural Education. Perspectives and proposals coordinated by Teresa Aguado and Margarita del Omo and published in 2010.

As of now, I am back in Bolivia, thanks to a research scholarship MAEC-AECI, where I am doing a fieldwork for my PhD on Intercultural Education in Bolivia.

Regarding my share in this project, and on top of my PhD dissertation, I would like to start new fieldwork in schools in Madrid to compare with the one I am currently carrying out in La Paz, Bolivia, focusing on Inclusive Education for all, how people understand it and what are the mechanisms to put it into practice.