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Anti-Judaism. The Western Tradition

Apellidos y Nombre del Autor: 
Nirenberg, David
Anti-Judaism. The Western Tradition
Datos bibliográficos: 
New York, W.W. Norton, 2013
Resumen de contenido: 

Analiza la evolución del antijudaísmo en Occidente, desde el mundo antiguo hasta la actualidad. Especialmente interesantes para los estudios sefardíes son los capítulos 6 y 7.

Los capítulos del libro son los siguientes:

  • Introduction: Thinking about Judaism, or the Judaism of Thought, pp. 1-12
  • Chapter 1 The Ancient World: Egypt, Exodus, Empire, pp. 13-47
  • Chapter 2 Early Christianity: The Road to Emmaus, The Road to Damascus, pp. 48-86
  • Chapter 3 The Early Church: Making Sense of the World in Jewish Terms, pp. 87-134
  • Chapter 4 "To Every Prophet an Adversary": Jewish Enmity in Islam, pp. 135-182
  • Chapter 5 "The Revenge of the Savior": Jews and Power in Medieval Europe, pp. 183-216
  • Chapter 6 The Extinction of Spain's Jews and the Birth of Its Inquisition, pp. 217-245
  • Chapter 7 Reformation and Its Consequences, pp. 246-268
  • Chapter 8 Which Is the Merchant Here, and Which the Jew? ": Acting Jewish in Shakespeare's England, pp. 269-299
  • Chapter 9 Israel" at the Foundations of Christian Politics: 1545-1677, pp. 300-324
  • Chapter 10 Enlightenment Revolts against Judaism: 1670-1789, pp. 325-360
  • Chapter 11 The Revolutionary Perfection of the World: 1789-?, pp. 361-386
  • Chapter 12 Philosophical Struggles with Judaism, from Kant to Heine, pp. 387-422
  • Chapter 13 Modernity Thinks with Judaism, pp. 423-460
  • Epilogue: Drowning Intellectuals, pp. 461-472
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