Legislation on the use of symbols

Some European Union member states have decided to adopt legislation explicitly prohibiting and punishing the use of symbols of the repressive past. The symbols included in the legislation of these countries go from the flag or coat of arms of Nazi Germany and the USSR, the images of the leaders of the German National Socialist Party or the USSR Communist Party, the uniforms of the Nazi or Communist organisations, to the symbols of the Nazi swastika, the Nazi SS, the Soviet hammer and sickle. Other countries have used their general legislation in order to punish the use of the symbols mentioned when they incite to violence or promote national, racial or religious hatred. In these cases, the prohibition might be considered as implicit.

This section includes information on the adoption by each EU member state of legislation expressly or implicitly prohibiting the display of symbols of the repressive past, be that of Fascism, Nazism or Communism. By clicking on each country, details of the provisions will be displayed below the map.