Charo Díaz Yubero




Rosario Díaz Yubero

Academic Responsible


(Fundación del Hogar del Empleado)


T. 915 763 299

F. 915 774 726


I was born in Madrid where I studied to become a teacher.. After working in the Laboratory of the School of Veterinary Medicine of Madrid, I began my career as a teacher. In 1979 I was awarded a contract with the FUHEM where I have worked as teacher, academic coordinator and principal of Montserrat I School. My teaching pedagogy focuses on active and inclusive methods with a special concentration on learning through art and music. I have also developed educational programs forseveral blind pupils.

In April 2006 I was appointed Head Liaison for Academics in the Board of Education of FUHEM, where I oversee the schools owned by the FUHEM, program in-service trainings for teachers, and manage various educational projects.

In this project I will coordinate the all works among CSIC researchers and the schools.