Ceferina Anta, Caridad Hernández y Margarita del Olmo invited to the Jornada sobre la mejora del éxito escolar gitano

The presenters talked about:

  • The situation of Roma students in Spain
  • Evaluation of the normalization process of Roma students in Primary Education
  • Ideas to developing an intervention model aimed at reducing Roma student drop outs in Secondary Education
  • Roma: from markets to schools

The audience could thus get a general overlook on the situation of Roma pupils in the school system in Spain. Some Roma participants talked about the interest of the group in taking an active role in achiving success for all Roma students. The director of Teacher Training of the Board of Education spoke about the commitment of the Ministry of Education in Spain with the Roma group and their intention to keep on working on the same line. conjuntamente.

Abstract written by Ceferina Anta