Association for the Study of Contemporary Iberian Exiles and Migration (AEMIC)

AEMICAssociation of researchers interested in population movement in the Iberian Peninsula in XX and XXI centuries. Its french counterpart is CERMI.


Studies and Information Network of the Republican Exile of 1939 (REDER)

REDERMailing list with more than 150 members, including researchers, students, professors and witnesses to exile, with the purpose of studying and spreading the republican exile of 1939.


Spanish Association of Art Critics (AECA)

AECAAECA was established in Madrid on the 8th of April, 1961. It is a member of the Internacional Association of Art Critics (AICA), based in Paris.


Spanish Art and Artists Inside and Outside Franco's Dictatorship / Arte y artistas españoles dentro y fuera de la dictadura franquista

The project Spanish Art and Artists Inside and Outside Franco’s Dictatorship (MICINN, ref. HAR2008-00744) was developed between 2009 and 2011. Most of the members of the current project were part of this former one. Its main objective was researching, assessing and enhancing the important creativity, both in theory and practice, shown by the Spanish artists and critics related to the exile inside Spain or abroad during Franco’s dictatorship. Its characteristics and results are integrated in the current research project, which has extended its chronological and thematic levels, pointing out the same double aspect of the Spanish art development and its networks and relations between 1931 and 1981.


CSIC. International Repository

Digital.CSIC is a repository of digital documents, designed for organising, archiving, preserving and disseminating via open access the intellectual output generated as a product of the CSIC research activities.

Humanities and Social Sciences