Marina Escolano Poveda is a Fulbright scholar doing her PhD in Egyptology at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA), where she is specializing in Demotic studies under the direction of Dr. Richard Jasnow. She has been trained in all the stages of the Egyptian language, from Old Egyptian to Coptic, and her minor field of specialization is Ancient Greek. She has been trained in Papyrology at the Abbey of Montserrat with Dr. Sofía Torallas Tovar, and at the University of Chicago in the Summer Institute in Papyrology 2012, where she worked on unpublished Greek papyri from the University of Michigan collection. She is part of the team of the Johns Hopkins University Archaeological Expedition to the Temple of Mut (Luxor, Egypt), under the direction of Dr. Betsy Bryan. Her main field of interest is Demotic Papyrology and the study of Graeco-Roman Egypt.